MasterThyself! We Welcome You To!


MasterThyself! We Welcome You To!

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At Inner I Net Company, we cultivate Divine Gifts to elevate the economics. Our Handshake Top Level Domains are nourished and manifested from the ROOT OF PERCEPTION, to spiritualize potentials for an abundance of fruits. Own The Web 3 we Consciously CHOOSE to Bend and SHAPE Reality while customizing The Root Zone File of the Internet with our HNS-DOMAINS.

My near hackathon meme; When I tell people I Hack The Rainbow they be likeā€¦

imageDem GHOST!

Kudos to Handshake and NameBase for a revolution of the DNS root-zone.

TheBlockMason is a highly insecure way of browsing Handshake domains and should only be used for demo or educational purposes. Click to see preferable resolutions methods